Kumbha (Aquarius) : Dhanista 3rd & 4th;     Shatabhisha;   Purvabhadra 1st, 2nd & 3rd padas:


Shani in 9th from your moon sign in exaltation causes bitter misunderstandings with higher officers and your elders. Some old relative may pass away.  Advance students in research scholars have more taxing period but this is a molding process. However, this trend is stayed during the period of retrogression from 3.03.2014 to 21.07.2014. From 03.11.2014 shani in 10th from your rasi heralds high degree of professional problems. Under any circumstances, you should not quit your job unless and until you have another job firmly on hand. Do not have false prestige, always remember nobody is indispensable!  Since shani is your rasi lord you do not suffer serious problems, he will send his emissaries to help  or at least inform you of his schemes! You should recite shani kavacha every day until this transit ends.  These and other navagraha mantras are also available in the site. As shani is your rasi lord, no shanti for shani is required. When shani transits in vrischika, the students should simply study hard and should not worry about the prospects or their professional life.  Any discouragement in this regard will have adverse impact later on. Rahu transits in 9th from your rasi till 13.07.2014 which causes bitter misunderstandings with your father and such elders and well wishers.  From 14.07.2014 rahu transits in 8th from your rasi and ketu in 2nd.  This transit is capable of causing cuts, wounds and accidents. There will also be financial worries. You should recite mrutyunjaya mantra [ओं त्र्यंबकं यजामहे सुगंधिं पुष्टिवर्धनं। उर्वारुकमिव बंधनात् मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात्॥  ōṁ tryaṁbakaṁ yajāmahē sugaṁdhiṁ puṣṭivardhanaṁ| urvārukamiva baṁdhanāt mr̥tyōrmukṣīya māmr̥tāt||] from 14.07.2014 minimum 18 times a day till this transit ends. Guru transits in the 5th from rasi till 06.03.2014 and this implies good development related to children. Novelists, students and lawyers have good time. Many people of this sign either get married and blessed with good children. This is a good period for investment. Thereafter he is exalted in 6th from your rasi.  This transit could have been the worst period for other rasis but for you it provides timely loans, professional growth and also extra income. You should be careful not to take loans for all flimsy reasons.  You will take to some physical training to keep good health.

Kuja transits in adverse 8th till 04.02.2014 and from 26.03.2014 to 14.07.2014 and makes you prone to cuts, wounds  and accidents.  Caution is required while handling hazardous things and while driving. You should recite mrutyunjaya mantra from 14.07.2014 minimum 18 times a day till this transit ends. You are heading for a promotion when kuja transits in vrischika from 06.09.2014 to 18.10.2014.  This is a good time to change your job, if you desire so. The transit of kuja in dhanus form 19.10.2014 to 27.11.2014 is a good period for purchase of properties. In the entire year, financial situation is not up to the mark.   The lunar eclipse on 15.04.2014 and solar eclipse on 23.10.2014 occur in 8th and 9th from your rasi. This is likely to cause some cuts and wounds as well as losses in business. Caution is required.  You should recite to recite mantras for chandra and ravi during April- May and October-November. These and other navagraha mantras are also available in the site. Solar eclipse on 29.04.2014 which happens in 3rd from moon sign does not affect you much, minor problems with friends, that is all. The lunar eclipse on 08.10.2014 (visible in some parts of India) in your 2nd sign implies financial problems.

In the above interpretations, transit of major planets - shani, rahu, ketu and guru are considered. The other planets - ravi, budha and shukra which change their course on monthly basis and vedha caused by (or caused to) them have not been taken into account.  This is only the rough sketch of the trend you can expect in year as a whole.