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sani - saturnThe transit of the planets in Western astrology is considered from the 'orb' and aspects caused to the cuspal mid points as well as to the planets' position in the birth chart. The Hindu method of finding the transit results is from the transit of the planets across moon-sign (rasi). The major planets Shani (Shani), guru (Guru), rahu (northern node) and ketu (southern node) are considered. Outer most planets i.e. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not considered in Hindu astrology. Brihat Jataka says, "Mukya saptaha" (important 7 planets). In this article the transit of rahu and ketu are not explored as the results are similar to the transit of Shani and kuja. Further, they being shadow planets, do not exactly give their 'own' results - but reflect the results of the planets aspecting /conjoining them.

Transit of Shani is always most feared one. There is a saying in Sanskrit, "If you can tell that the problems are due to Shani, you have already learnt astrology! "Some astrologers, priests get on well due to Shani! Shani in ardhastma (4th) produces separation from family members, passing away of mother or her equals. Unhappiness, problems related to purchase of properties. By transit in 4th house, it is meant from chandra (stita) rasi, rather simply called as rasi. The effect described are based on your  In the saptama (7th) position he would cause separation from family members, delay in marriage or discard in married life, ill health to wife. The native will be prone to accidents and will have confinement in bed due to this. In the astama (8th) position, he gives disgrace, humiliations, loss of popularity, poverty, failures in all fronts. In the 12-1-2 positions (popularly known as sade-sathi) he causes hospitalizing, separation from family, untimely meals, lack of rest and sleep, loss of name and a sense of left alone in life. Financial and familial problems, mental worries also will be there. Shani during his adverse transits will cause sufferings due to any in-born tendencies. Any health problems during such periods will have a tendency to prolong. Similarly, 10th Shani gives anxiety, misunderstandings in the professional circles. In 6th shani causes weakness and  infections due to break down in immune system. Anxiety, mounting loans, losses due to enemies, penalties from the government, and no help available in time. Trusted friends, relatives not available at the time of need. In the 8th, he causes failures in all fronts, unhappiness, disputes with elders. In the 12th shani gives ever increasing expenditure. Wasteful investments, worries related to children. This time, people welcome shani in tula - wherein he is exalted.  Some people are of the opinion that exalted shani (ucchatwa) will do good, even if he is in the 8th or 7th! I am so sorry to disappoint these people.  Exaltation merely gives more power - whether such a power is good or bad depends on position from chandra. If transit is good for you (in the houses, 3-6-11 from chandra rasi), this time it is going to be extremely good.  Likewise if the transit happens to be in adverse houses like 4th, 7th, 8th or 12-1-2 from chandra (stita) rasi, then the delays will be extremely bad. Let not forget that an exalted planet will also do good in the ways of his natural significance. No matter whatever your rasi be, the natural significations of that planets will flourish.  Based on the natural significance of the planet, people in service class will be more dominant and happy compared to masters. The people who shun public life (like researchers, spiritual aspirants) will be more productive. People draw up long term plans, Shani bhagwan blesses the people with stability, with an insight into history. Antics dealers, archeologists have remarkable progress. It may sound contradictory how shani in 7th for instance bring remarkable progress.  The curator of the museum suffers marital discordance, obstacles in all undertakings but has remarkable progress in his profession. So, one has to be careful of what he is looking at drawing separate and independent conclusions based on the status of the planet as well as position from rasi.

Period Status
08.02.2012 to 14.05.2012 retrograde
15.05.2012 to 25.06.2012 retrograde in kanya
09.10.2012 to 11.11.2012 combust
19.02.2013 to 08.07.2013 retrograde
23.10.2013 to 23.11.2013 combust
03.03.2014 to 21.07.2014 retrograde
02.11.2014 till he leaves tula combust

Shani transits in tula rasi from 17.10.2011 to 14.15.2012 and from 06.08.2012 to  03.11.2014.  Retrogression starts when Shani is away by 251 from Surya and the direct motion is resumed when Shani comes close to Surya, by 109. Retrogression is apparent phenomenon, no planets track backwards in its orbit. When your car accelerates, the car beside you seems to recede backwards, though both cars move in the same direction. Some panchangas give different dates for the entry of shani into tula rasi depending on the ayanamsha adopted by that particular calendar.  As a matter of fact, Shani has already transiting in tula rasi, if you ask any astronomy student. Minor differences are seen in the date of entry, depending on ayanamsha employed. 

In my humble experience, the planets in retrogression give 'stay' order! Nothing happens - neither good nor bad - but the issues are kept on low flame. They do not go away either. For those having benefic transit, the results will be withheld. There will be respite from evil transit for those who suffer evil effects. Shani's transit in 3rd, 6th and 11th from rasi (moon-sign) brings good results, provided there are no planet/s (other than Sun) transiting in the 12th, 9th and 5th respectively from moon-sign. Similarly, for those having evil transit in the 12th, 9th and 5th, the planet/s (other than Sun) in 3rd, 6th and 11th respectively give relief from evil effects. When a planet retrogrades to the previous sign and reenters the next sign, some people think, it gives extra strength to the planet.  There is no difference between shani tula for the first time and also his reentry next time.  He merely picks up the threads of what he was doing, before he left the sign.

Anga Shani, murthy nirnaya methods are not reliable. Transit effect can also be considered using astakavarga of Shani, which depend on individual charts. It is said that if shani has more than 4 points in his own astakavarga, he becomes good.  Similarly, the planet becomes good, if it has 25-30 bindus in sarvastaka varga.  Shani is considered good in 3-5-6-11 from his natal position. If transit shani is in 11th natal shani, then we may presume reasonably that the transit is good, as there is aspect on his natal position.  But position in 6th happens to be 6/8 from natal position, which obviously can not bring good events.  In astakavarga, the relative position from various planets is considered, ignoring the status of the planet.  I have not found any reliable results by considering astakavarga or sarvastakavarga or the transit of shani in navamsha chart. Though shani is bad in other houses (other than 3, 6 and 11), the WORST transits are 4th (ardhatama shani), 7th (saptama shani), 8th (astama shani), 10th (dashama shani) and 12-1-2 transit (sade-sati). There is another easy method to know the effects of transit of shani - be it astama or sade-sathi. The duration of shani in the sign is divided into three parts. You will take three coins and closing your eyes, you will place the coins a horizontal picture of a snake (available in one panchanga).  If you have kept the coin on the upper side of the snake's body, you are spared by adverse transit of shani, if you place the coin on the lower part, you will have difficulties.  But, take care not to place the coin at the snakes mouth.  That pronounces the doom's day!  What an easy and ineffective way!

Let us have a brief look at Indian foundation chart. The transit of shani in ardastama position causes domestic problems like rift in the ruling party, strains in state-centre-state relationship due to sharing of ground resources, some more scams and consumer durable manufacturing companies, in educational institutions, rifts due and labour unrests.  Shani is yogakaraka for vrishabha lagna and he is exalted in transit.  There is active involvement of judiciary, lower executives and NGOs in many government matters. The rule is of minority groups and the majority is relegated to background. Incidents of minority groups taking on majority becomes frequent. Emotions and thoughtless actions run high and nobody listens to the advice.  Popularity of religious gurus goes down, they become irrelevant. There will be increase in air traffic accidents of macabre nature. Generally, when there is a domestic problem, even blockage in drainage, the role of ISI or a foreign hand is not ruled out by the ruling congress! This time, they will not do so, and the process of cleaning politics begins with them. There is no curb on press, RTI  remains unchanged and lokpal with some changes is enacted - that is the only life line the ruling party has to retain power in next elections.  But thereby, the government administers itself a very strong and  overdose of purgative pills. They will take up the common and work out promptly, though with initial resistance.  The opposition in neither able to project itself as an alternative to ruling alliance nor a crusader of Hindu causes! They make themselves fools, tall talks with no meaning.  Communists behave more intelligent, offering loud noise to politics and nothing else!  There is no friction with neighboring countries.  Educational institutions try to downplay government influence.  There is always one or other scarcity in domestic market, but inflation is under check. The government is stable, completes its term and the alliance holds till then. Though the situation seems to be volatile and hostile to the ruling party, it finally emerges strong and tested. Leadership will change, old people go back to give way another set of old people (youth congress has lot of old people).  Most of the leaders will be from minorities and no foreign blood is introduced! The period acts like a bitter pill that cleans blood in Indian system.

In AP foundation chart, the rasi is kanya and the transit of shani over chandra rasi proved a challenge. Shani is 7th and 8th lord in this chart.  So, the transit in kanya drove a nail into the heart of unifiers. This transit that effected health, relationship, prestige and development of the State - you can talk to any kanya born person for more details! Transit in 2nd, further widens the gap.  So far, only the separatist forces dictated terms with several bandhs, rail-rokhos, but now, it is the time for others.  Deep inside the heart of separatists, there is separation - among themselves and this plays a role now on. Exaltation makes both forces divorcee seeking represented by 8th significance and unification forces (i.e. wife's willingness to stay or halt divorce proceedings) strong. Now, you will know that Samaikyandra movement is also equally powerful, it is not humble and helpless as thought so far!  With all these, the bifurcation (trifurcation or fourfurcation - if there is no word, let us invent the idea and the word, nothing stops us from falling apart!), is not in sight.  The centre should keep its fingers crossed, go on negotiating till next elections or till the enthusiasm dies.  But is it not so - retrogression of shani makes the issues sleep for some times but combustion causes high handedness, unethical diplomacy and political maneuvering by central government.   Like a TV soap, the story goes on and on.  Separation is obvious but can happen only after general elections.

Whatever happens to the country in general, it is nobody's area of action. Even if you are most patriotic (you play cricket and like the song that welcomes King George-V), there is nothing you can do about affairs of a state. People concerned are unconcerned. Well, I confess the mundane predictions of any astrologer can not be taken as fully accurate.  Classical books of astrology did not know democracy and how a 'king' is elected. Secondly, lot of research should be done in this field and it is unyielding - one will not get funding! Countries are not my clients but the individuals are! Yet, personal prediction  in astrology has uncanny accuracy. I get many appreciations for accuracy in predictions, I have stopped to keep a track on them.

If you are born in  makara, kumbha, tula and vrishabha rasi or lagna, you need not have to worry - no matter whatever the position of shani be in transit. You will not suffer any harm at all. You need not have to implement any remedial measures. If shani is causing delay in any aspects in your life - due to his association, aspect etc., - you are not exempt and should perform shanti to speed up the fructification of results. That is independent of the transit.

Most of my learned clients ask me whether shani will do good when he leaves a bad situation like the 8th.  If you take this argument, shani should do bad, when he leaves a good house.  Deliberately, we refuse to believe this! In my childhood, I was very much afraid of transit shani. There was an adverse transit, and I got up with a horrible dream at mid night. I attributed this due to transit of shani.  I started a time consuming survey of many charts and recorded experiences of many people when their adverse transit of shani started. Not a single person experienced a horrible dream! My horrible dream was due to start of rahu bhukti! As  shani progresses towards the mid point of the sign, the effects become prominent. At the end of the transit, there will be no further physical effects, the native will be facing the after effects. Example, the root causes started when adverse transit started, disciplinary cases were booked towards shani's culmination at mid point of rasi. Thereafter, no more cases are booked, but the disciplinary proceedings took effect. The process was over, there was no more official problem when shani left the sign.  The only good thing when he leaves the adverse house is - he stops troubling you. Here is a ready table showing chandrath position for the transit in tula rasi:-

Some astrologers in Philippines, Gulf, Pakistan and Hyderabad (fortunately not complete Andhra Pradesh) suggest blue sapphire (also known as pusharaga, neelam, indraneela) to ward off the evil effects of shani's transit. This is against the principles of Hindu astrology. Wearing blue sapphire during the adverse transit will further aggravate the sufferings! If your chart has shani in dignity being in own sign, in exaltation or being yoga karaka in the birth chart, you can continue wearing blue sapphire, even in adverse transit.

There are certain points called vedha points. When shani transits in the 5th, if there is a planet (other than ravi) in the 11th, the adverse effects will not be felt. There are no vedha points for 4-7-8-10-1-2 transits. If the transit of shani is in the houses 3-6-11 or 12-9-5, the results get modified due to vedha caused by planets in transit other than ravi. Please see the table above for more detials. This aspect is covered in monthly predictions.  If Shani  is a functional benefic in the chart, the problems (though they seem to be so) will put foundation stone for good progress later on. Depending on the affliction, shanti by recitation of certain beeja / veda mantras several thousand times to some simple mantras which can be recited by the native can be used. Rudrabhisheka, service in temples, keeping good company is better. Shanti for shani may be conducted if the transit is in adverse signs. This is a religious ritual done by the priests by reciting beeja mantra or gayatri mantra for shani 19,000 times.  At times one may not have access to such facilities or it may not be affordable.  There are some remedial measures which you can do.  You can do abhisheka for Lord Shiva, reciting rudra prashna.  This is also called namaka and camaka. Or you can go to nearest shiva temple and get this abhisheka done, it is not very costly.  You can also recite above mantras even witout abhiesekha or could listen- many CDs and cassettes are available. If you find learning these mantras difficult, you can recite shani beeja mantra, shani gayatri mantra or shani kavacha or namaskara mantra.  You will select any one of them depending on the intensity of the effects. You can worship a shani yantra and this yantra is used only for worsship, is not an ornamental piece.  If you are able to do some pooja for this yantra, then only you should used this yantra.

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MESHA [Ashwini; Bharani &  Kritika 1st pada]:

Mesha people have shani in the adverse 7th house. As there are no vedha points, the problems at first invisible and mild, become intensified gradually. there are long distance travels which causes physical strain. Despite your hard work, you will be not able to meet the targets.  Mother's ill health causes worries. Those who are abroad for studies feel homesick. You suffer general weakness, anemia and  black spots around eyes. The relationship with spouse is slightly strained.  You are prone to cuts, wounds and minor accidents. Those who are running adverse dasha or bhukti of 2nd, 7th, 3rd or 8th lords should be careful while traveling and handling hazardous instruments.  You can make investments in gold, bonds and governmental deposits, but not in land properties and buildings.

Shanti for shani may be done, particularly if you are running adverse dasha or bhukti or rahu, kuja or shani. Shanti is also a must,     Daily recitation of any shani related mantras like shani gayatri, shani stotra (also known as namaskara mantras), shani kavacha etc., are also needed. You should visit navagraha temple and do pradakshina reciting namaskara mantra during the entire transit. If possible, it is advisable to under take fasting on Saturdays (at least at night).

VRISHABHA [Kritika 2,3,4; Rohini & Mrigasira 1,2 padas]:

For vrishabha borns, it is the favourable 6th transit. The benefits of good transit are held back when a planet (other than ravi) transits in 9th from rasi.  You will be known as a hard worker who wouldn't give up. Exaltation of shani makes you more popular.  This is a good time for people in politics. Ready to take hard work, able to put extra efforts and hours. You may have some minor misunderstandings with friends and relatives. You have lot of courage and patience. You derive happiness due to clearing of old dues and also for the importance you get in the office. Students perform well in competitive examinations. You can put hard work but you are not able to appreciate intricacies of the subject.

You will be able to clear old loans and consolidate your financial position. You can take easy loans  with lower borrowing rates to clear the high end loans. Your will have good recognition for the work you are doing. Old or protracted diseases will disappear. At the same time, new diseases of minor kind related to head, teeth, bones and middle stomach surface. These are due to aging process or bad food habits and can be corrected.  If health problems are unattended, they will prolong for next two and half years. No classical author has lost opportunity to praise this transit, with due respect to them, I beg to deviate from their view. This transit may cause health problems and also fractures.  Due to physical fatigue and minor health problems, you will not be able to sleep or relax sufficiently.

You should stay clear of unnecessary disputes. If you are having adverse dasa or bhukti of ravi, kuja, rahu or shani, you are prone to accidents resulting in fracture. This transit causes dental problems also. The assignments are not much of brain work and are strenuous. You will have to deal with your competitors and opponents. You have lot of success that come only after struggles. You will not mind, as the rewards are good - they do not come as a punishment, anyway. There is no change of job or nature of work. But, there may be transfer to a branch office without your willingness. Those people who are abroad continue their stay, no matter how much they wish to come back. You have lot of success. You are able to make investments using loans that are easily available.

MITHUNA [Mrigasira 3,4; Arudhra & Punarvasu 1,2,3]: 

Transit of shani in 5th from moon sign is not a good position. This transit is under check when any planet (other than ravi) transits in 9th from rasi.  You do not like finer things of life like little children, a dancing peacock or a singing cuckoo. You wish to be alone and do not welcome guests and relatives. Your faith in God and flair for fine arts vanish. Your nerves become weak and for small things you will suffer anxiety.  Your reasoning ability goes down and you are likely to make mistakes in your decisions. You are not able to concentrate on your studies. For students, this is most difficult time.

There is lot of happiness from children. But heavy expenditure, losses, worries due to children and misunderstandings with them are possible. You find that your love and affection towards your children more but they are not acknowledged properly. You are bent upon pointing their mistakes and rebuke them. But, you will also praise them a lot with outsiders. You suffer bitter misunderstandings with your spouse. You do not find much love or time for wife. Young people suffer disappointment in love affairs.  Marriage is put off or there is uncertainty.

You should not decide anything on yourself alone. It is better to take advice of elders and well wishers in crucial matters. Shanti for shani is not required.  It is better to recite shani kavacha once a day. Fasting on Saturdays is desirable, at least during night. It is advisable to visit navagraha temple and do prakakshina on Saturdays and to recite namaskara mantra at least 18 times.

KATAKA [Punrvasu 4th pada; Pushya & Aslesha]:

For kataka rasi borns this is the 4th transit also called 'ardhastama shani'. There are no vedha points for this transit.  Nobody recognises your talents and achievements. You will go unnoticed in a gathering. You seem to an invisible man without any adjectives. It is better to avoid public functions, as far as possible. Heavy work and turmoil in  the office effect domestic life. You desire to be away from your house. Long walks in silence is more appealing. There could be separation from family members due to transfer. Any attempt to purchase properties land up in delay, disappointments and losses. You should pursue, there is success in property matters at last. It is better not to initiate any such plans, even if you have ready money.  Your mother's health causes worries. Minor misunderstandings with mother and her relatives.  Some may have to leave their native places (or the place of longest residence) under humiliating circumstances.

There may be demise of an old relative. Your prestige in your relatives goes down and mother-side relatives will humiliate you. You rather hate to make a trip to your native place but prefer to go far away from all these people! You do not notice any happiness that comes your way but notice small adversities. In ardhastama shani, man will not enjoy the cry of babies or dance of peacocks. Students have serious set back in their studies. Some may not be able to take crucial examinations due to ill health. Heavy work in the office and other professional problems make you less interested in personal life.   You are afraid of loosing the job. As shani is exalted, the problems mentioned above will not drive you crazy.

Shanti for shani with mantra japa is very much essential at the beginning of the transit. Recitation of any mantras of shani  is also required throughout the transit. Shani kavacha can also be recited once a day. It is better to worship shani yantra regularly. You should visit navagraha temple every Saturday and do pradakshina, reciting namaskara mantra (also known as shani stotra) at least 10 times. Fasting on Saturdays (at least during night) is desirable.

SIMHA [Makha, Poorvaphalguni & Uttaraphalguni 1st pada]:

This is 3rd beneficial transit for simha rasi people. The adverse transit of shani ends now. This transit is under check when any planet (other than ravi) transits in 12th from rasi. You gain an influential position in society and everybody starts noticing you. You will become popular among higher circles as well as with ordinary people. With this transit, you have moved away from financial problems. Happy days are here again!  Some people get married, have children and also adopt pets during this transit. Your relationship with your brothers, sisters and friends is slightly strained. On the whole, it is good. You have good measure of courage and strength to face the world. Sports people set new records. There are changes in residence or the work place. You perform frequent journeys at short notices. Students have good time.  If you are doing any specialisation like PhD, you are assured of grand success.

There is improvement in business - opening new branches, purchase of accessories to the existing machines, acquisition of articles of comforts and also vehicles. If you are in the farming activity, it is an excellent transit which gives you lot of farm animals. You have success in all spheres. Promotions, outstanding commendations and awards await you. Make hay when the Sun (I should say, Saturn) shines! Your influence goes up and the opponents beat a hasty retreat.

KANYA [Uttaraphalguni 2,3,4; Hasta & Chitra 1, 2 padas]:

Shani transits in 2nd, in the last phase of seven and half cycle of shani.  Rifts in family circles are expected. There is also expansion of family - birth of children and adoption of pets. You will become rude with bad speech. You have lot of concentration. There will be financial problems and also you will receive written off amounts, arrears of your dues etc., If you are running adverse dasha or bhukti of rahu, kuja or shani, you are prone to accidents and injuries. Due to heavy investments in properties, you are facing shortage of finance to meet monthly needs.  At times you will have to withdraw from your savings to meet commitments.

Meditation and yoga should be taken up right at the beginning of the transit. Care should be taken while handling hazardous tools. Shanti with mantra japa for Shani must be done at the beginning of the transit itself. You should recite shani beeja mantra regularly. You should also visit navagraha temple and do pradakshina reciting shani namaskara mantra every Saturday. Fasting on Saturdays (at least during night) is desirable.

TULA [Chitra 3, 4; Swathi & Vishakha 1,2,3]:

Shani transits over moon sign for tula rasi.  Charisma, influence in society: There will be humiliations by your own relatives and friends. The prestige is at the lowest possible level. But, you will be more popular among masses.  A good period to enter into public domain. Mental status: You will become introvert , steadfast in your efforts. You have good amount of courage, commitment resources. There would be successful but tiresome journeys. You are prone to minor health problems related to bones. Relationship with your spouse is slightly strained. No new projects be taken up during this transit as shani has delaying tendency.

Remedial measures: Shanti with beeja mantras is very much essential at the earliest. Daily recitation of any shani related mantras like shani gayatri, shani stotra (also known as namaskara mantras), shani kavacha etc., are also needed. You should visit navagraha temple and do pradakshina reciting namaskara mantra during the entire transit. If possible, it is advisable to under take fasting on Saturdays (at least at night).

VRISCHIKA [ Vishakha 4th pada; Anuradha & Jyesta]:

For vrischika rasi, shani in 12th sign is the first phase of seven and half cycle of shani. Any weakness of the chart surfaces during this transit. For the first two and half years, you are be restless and loose sleep. The client asked, "what  happens after two and half years?";  astrologer said," You will get used to it".  Take heart, shani is the friend for this moon sign. He behaves as a good teacher and not as an executioner. Do not expect much good in life.  At the same time do not compare your life with others' and do not be depressed.

Always have interest in life, force interest on your mind.  This adverse results of this transit is under check when a planet transits in 3rd from rasi. There is some financial problems and the loans cause discomfort. Students are not able to concentrate and loose interest in studies. But with some efforts they will be able to score good marks.  Any health problem or weakness in the chart,  that already exists in the chart, will surface. Long distance transfers and minor discomforts.

Remedial measures save you considerably from the above problems. Being in good company, visiting temples, listening to lectures of holly men, well shaven and smartly dressed will help you gain some interest. As shani is the friend to this rasi, no shanti for shani is required. It will suffice to recite shani kavacha, and visit navagraha temple on Saturdays.

DHANUS [Moola, Poorvashadha & Uttarashadha 1st pada]:

It is the benefic 11th house transit for Dhanus rasi. When any planet (other than ravi) transits in 5th from rasi, the transit  becomes useless. You are known as a successful man in society. Your fame increases. There are no financial problems. Happy, having strong will power.You are able to mend any broken relationship in family circles. Very courageous and venturesome.  If you are separated, you will be united with your family members during this transit. You are benefited by sale of old properties. You will purchase vehicles, ornaments and any luxurious things you desire. Students are very successful in their studies.  You have concentration, will power and proper orientation. Any litigations or disputes are resolved in your favour.  Married life is excellent.  Many people get married during this transit. You enjoy excellent relationship with one and all.  It is the time to approach higher authorities or government agencies for any favours.

Since last two and half years,  you had shani in the 10th house. This had caused severe professional problems. Some must have been prosecuted or even lost job. According to classics, any planet in the 10th gives employment in the field represented by the planet. Surely, you did not become a blacksmith when shani was in the 10th, perhaps you made few coins by selling that junk car. I have observed professional problems when shani is in the 10th. As shani enters beneficial 11th, you can forget the previous problems, at least for next two and half years! You can expect good professional growth, promotions and recognition showered on you in abundance. Exaltation of shani in 11th brings excellent professional growth. This transit brings profits, success and a meaningful life. All your desires will be fulfilled.

MAKARA [Uttarshadha 2,3 4; Shravana & Dhanista 1, 2 padas]:

For makara rasi, this is the adverse 10th house transit.  As there are no vedha points, the problems at first invisible and mild,  become intensified gradually. Actually, anybody with those transit will loose the job, means of livelihood under humiliating circumstances. You are an exception to this  and this time, as shani, your rasi lord is exalted, you will gain a good job, enjoy professional life and set new records. You do not have any professional problems. but, the profession becomes more demanding. You will become more important in the work place during this transit. Always busy, rather the work is forced on you. There is always a fear of being thrust more and more responsibilities. Though you are paid well for domestic happiness - like paid holidays, it is not easy to enjoy with family.  The demands of professional is more.  You will not repent your choice of job or the company. Yes, there are fear of loosing the job and it does not deter you - it makes you to take up new challenges.

KUMBHA [Dhanista 3,4; Shatabhisha & Poorvabhadra 1,2,3rd padas]:

For kumbha borns, this is the adverse 9th house transit. Since you belong to the sign owned by shani himself, there are no serious problems to you. Shani's transit for other signs may be a punishment, but for you it would be an opportunity to learn new things, as shani is a strict teacher. Of course, he is not a very fastidious, due to his exaltation. When any planet (other than ravi) transits in 6th from rasi, the transit  becomes useless. Relationship with brothers, sisters and friends is strained to some extent. You have some fear of government or your higher officers. Minor health problems like muscular pains, sprains and cold diseases are seen. Relationship with father and higher authorities is slightly strained. There is minor misunderstandings with your father or his health causes concern.  You will experience a spiritual surge and can utilise this transit to learn mantras or to do meditation. You will become more and more religious.  Not surprising if people born under this sign take sanyansa. Success, contentment in life: Profit in business or profession and success rates are excellent.

MEENA [Poorvabhadra 4th pada, Uttarabhadra & Revati]:

For meena borns it is the 8th house transit, called astama shani. There are no vedha points for this transit.  Any other person would shiver at the thought of astama shani, but for you.  The reason is that shani becomes exalted in the 8th position for meena rasi. Shani is the lord of 12th and 11th rasis for meena. The profits and losses are equal. This way, you are spared by the dreaded transit of astama shani. There will be some problems to settle in life - not that it is so difficult.  You can manage, there is timely help from God.  At times you will draw great respect, for the secret knowledge you have acquired.  There are some humiliations, just to put you in place! The government, administrator and others make secret contact with you, but you are not permitted to disclose this. This way, you can not impress upon others.  There are some humiliations, just to put you in place!

This transit is bad for finance. This transit teaches to be economical.  Fear not, God provides financial assistance, when you require.  There is strained relationship with family members. Happiness due to children and also heavy expenditure. Married life is slightly strained, not due to the spouse, but  due to external factors like finance.  Unmarried people may suffer a disappointment. If you feel  whatever imposition given by teacher shani is too much, then you may recite shani kavacha or any sloka, mantra for Lord Shiva. No shanti or pooja for shani are required.






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