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Welcome to a new dimension

Some of the pages in this site use Devanagari and other Indian language scripts. Most of the modern machines have the language fonts already installed, viewing in Indian languages does not pose any difficulty. If you are not able to view the fonts properly, you need to download, extract the .rar file and install the fonts, by dragging and dropping into folder C:\WINDOWS\Fonts of  your local machine.

 At times, it may seem that I do not agree with any agreeable thoughts! You may think, I have a strange habit of finding a small stone in a good delicacy. On the contrary, I like some people - one with oratory skills, the other with knowledge, yet another with his love for God. I do not call any one a 'special messenger' or 'the only enlightened soul'. I have been in the field of spirituality, philosophy, yoga and astrology since my childhood and have met men of good quality. As I appreciate some gurus, I distaste the gullible swamis, tantriks, magic and miracle babas and simplified yoga maharajas.  Names are not important but the nature of man kind. I present my thoughts  - that you, the learned reader may form a considered opinion.

Do I have luck in sports, should I take it as my profession? Will I get due recognition & success in my field? Should I change my profession?




"You have rightly said that I will have a permanent address in Sukra bhukti - I do not own a house or flat yet, but planning to own one in 2010 or so....."
"I have learnt Gayatri mantra from your website......"
"Most of the predictions come true, being a practicing astrology, I have not been able to achieve such accuracy.... More

How many children are in my horoscope? I have been married for last 7 years and no children...  My only son is well placed in the US, but he does not look after us.       More

When and where would I construct or buy my house?  Am I going to live abroad for ever or do I return to India?  There is too much delay in purchase of property.  What would it materialise?  More

Wallpapers,  Monthly forecasts,  Astro consultations, Yantras for all planets and other Gods,  On line shopping cart  for instant purchase, Off line payment options too. Quality service & confidentiality assured.


Predictions for full life span  based on dasa-bhukti, Suitable gem stones colours etc.,  Remedial measures like recitation of mantras, shanti kriya to be done by the priests, if any. Precise reports.  Make your journey successful.



Is there any way to improve my health? Am I going to be a chronic patient?  How to avoid or control the same? One doctor says surgery is needed but the other one said medicines are enough...More


Mars (Kuja, Angaraka, Mangal, Chavai) in good sign and with strength gives self-confidence, tolerance, mathematical and logical mind, quick wit.  He gives muscular strength for a sports man.  Leadership qualities and strong determination are attributed to  kuja.  A bad kuja makes the native a foolishly argumentative person, adamant, quarrelsome and violent. Kuja in bad houses or in Cancer (kataka rasi) will cause evil effect.  There would be troubles through machines, tools and brothers / sisters of the native. The diseases that are caused by kuja are: burns, inflammatory conditions, wounds, abortions, ulcers, boils etc., He behaves like an animal. Worship of Kuja yantra wards off  evil effects of kuja and improves quality of married life. Worship of Kuja yantra should start on Tuesday. The mantra for kuja, ॥ओं क्रां क्रीं क्रौं सः भौमाय नमः॥ should be chanted on Tuesday morning at sunrise minimum 18 times. The worship any graha yantra is similar to worship of other Hindu Gods.     More

When will my marriage take place? How is the married life? What is the nature of my life partner? Any doshas like kuja dosha in my chart? Any remedial measures needed before marriage? 




   Many more services to suit   your needs and resources

 Confidentiality assured

The techniques used in the prediction have been developed spread over 35 years of practical experience. I may at times, deviate from soft wares and make a different chart. Every chart is double checked to rule out human error in casting. At times, I may deviate from the popular methods, adopt a different method. This is NOT a blog or a forum for discussion. NO DISCUSSION WILL BE ENTERTAINED REGARDING AYANAMSHA USED, HOW IT IS DERIVED, WHY CERTAIN DIVISIONAL CHARTS ARE NOT USED, WHY THE CHARTS MADE DIFFER FROM ANY SOFT WARE etc., UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES, clients may seek clarifications of their doubts and NOT clarifications on technical details. Clarifications on the analysis can be had within 25 days from the date of receipt of the report. The amount quoted is towards a particular service and is NOT retention fee for whole life time! After the period of 25 days, Author is not obliged to answer your queries.

I want to pursue MBA or law. Can you suggest which way to go? Next year is crucial where I have to take up a project. This will give a foreign assignment and campus placement. How is next year for me, study wise? I am fond of  IAS. Will I be good at that?



Should I change the job?  Or continue in the same job? When is my promotion? My Junior has been promoted. And has become my problem! My boss humiliates me too much in presence of staff.  I wonder when these problems end?


Mantras for all navagrahas (nine planets)  in  Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu scripts to facilitate easy reading in mother tongue.  Mp3 files  illustrate the pronunciation. More

Welcome to a new dimension







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