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The mantras related to planets can be classified broadly into four groups. Some are recited only once. Some can be recited any time, any where. Some are used in pooja procedures and some are used for conducting japa shanti.

Kavacha, Stotra, Asttottara shatanama stotra, Navagraha sukta are recited only once, but regularly. Navagraha sukta involves pronunciation pattern and should have to be learnt personally from a guru. Out of these, kavacha are short and easy ones. These should recited in particular dress in the morning after bath.

Peedahara  and Namaskara mantra / stotra  are easy to recite. These mantra are also used to do pradakshina in navagraha temple. These can be recited while traveling. There are no strict rules for these set of mantras.

Doing pooja invoking the particular planet is a separate procedure and those who already know shodashopachara pooja method can take up this. The particular graha is invoked reciting navagraha sukta as aavahana mantra. The archana is done using asttottara shatanamavali.

For doing shanti, beeja mantras are used. These are abbreviated mantra forms and one should be careful in pronunciation. Not a single should go wrong. These mantra are recited for a particular number of times. For instance for shani, it is recited 19,000 times. One can also recite in terms of 10, 28,108, or 1008 times for a mandala (28 days) or 56 days. Austerity measures like strict vegetarian food, celibacy (even though married), abstinence from alcoholics, not eating food outside, having only one meals a day etc., are required. These are recited in the morning in pooja vastra (separate dress which is exclusive for the purpose). These mantra are preferred by those who have good concentration.

Gayatri mantra  for planets can be recited for shanti purpose if one is already initiated in moola gayatri manta (given at the time of Upanayana). This involves 3 lines in specific pronunciation pattern and can be learnt personally under the able guidance of a guru. Priests who do not have much concentration prefer this mantra to conduct shanti in the similar manner as in beeja mantra japa.

Moola Gayatri mantra is: ओं भूर्भुवस्सुवः। ओं तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गोदेवस्य धीमहि। धियो योनः प्रचोदयात्॥   "oṃ bhūrbhuvassuvaḥ| oṃ tatsaviturvareṇyaṃ bhargodevasya dhīmahi| dhiyo yonaḥ pracodayāt|| ".  In the sound file presented here,  this mantra is repeated thrice word-by-word with sufficient pauses for your practice. Listen to Gayatri mantra and practice:

Meditation of Gayatri mantra is known an Sandhya vandana - prayers at junction periods. These prayers are done thrice - morning, mid day and evening. There would slight variation of mantra s. A session will take 25-30 minutes.

Whatever mantra or stotra you select kindly see it is easy for you to recite. Engaging a priest to do shanti will not absolve you from doing your own bit as remedial measure.

If you have time and inclination, you should recite graha japa sankalpa, which is easy to follow and is very impressive. Graha japa / Pooja  sankalpa in your preferred language.







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