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During the month of December, 2014 ravi transits in vrischika rasi till 16th and enters dhanur rasi on 17th. Kuja transits in his exaltation sign makara in the entire month. Budha is in vrischika at the start of the month and enters dhanur rasi on 14th. Guru continues is transit in kataka and is retrograde from 10th of December. Shukra enters dhanur rasi on 7th of December. On the last day of the month, shukra enters makara rasi. Shani, rahu and ketu transit in vrischika, kanya and meena rasis respectively.

Monthly forecast for all rasis (moon signs)  based on nirayana system

By rasi, I am not referring to your sun sign, i.e. sun's position in the zodiac.  Sun remains in the same sign for nearly 30 days. For example people born between 15.01.2014 to 12.02.2014 belong to makara rasi. This method is followed in Kerala, some parts of Tamil Nadu and Malabar as well as in portions of  North East India. According to Western astrology, people born between 22.12.2013 to 20.01.2014 belong to makara rasi (Capricorn).  The difference is due to deduction of certain element called ayanamsha (precision value).

Whereas moon takes two and half days appx. to cross a zodiac sign.  Every  rasi contains a set of three stars (nakshatras)  and some nakshatras spread in two signs. Each rasi has such nine padas.  That is to say Uttarashada 2,3,4 padas, Sravana all padas and Dhanista 1st and 2nd padas belong to makara rasi, you might have been born in any of the Gregorian months.  In Hindu astrology the transit effects are considered from the sign occupied by moon (nirayana position) at the time of birth, called rasi. I also made several intensive experiments in Kerala system of  nirayana surya stita rasi, before I settled down for chandramana rasi system.  More


MESHA: Losses and heavy expenditure. You may be humiliated also. There may be sudden health problems like high fever. You should be careful of heath problems related to head, heart, lower back and neck. Bitter enemies shani and ravi are transiting in 8th from rasi. Financial position is excellent but at times advances are not available to meet sudden expenditure. You have good income from various sources till 13th of the month. In the entire month, shukra is beneficial. You will purchase gold, vehicle etc., and also conduct religious rituals with fanfare. Long distance travels and restlessness are seen. Students do well in their studies but somehow the benefic results evade. Either the examinations, selection tests are postponed or cancelled. They may loose interest in subjects half way. There is back breaking heavy work in the office and also you are rebuked for small lapses too. This causes some domestic problems also. You should be careful in relationship with your higher officers in the first half of the month. It is better to postpone any public meeting for the second half. There are concerns about health of your father or an elderly gentleman in the second half of the month.  You are prone to cuts and wounds during the entire month. It is better to recite ravi and shani stotra once a day during this month.

VRISHABHA: Marital discard and severe clashes with partners in the first half of the month. The situation slightly improves in second half of the month. There will be worries and problems related to children. The period is not good for trading activities, you tend to overlook the risks. Property matters are good during first five days of the month. The higher authorities are more demanding and you are forced to rise up to the occasion. There is a feeling of being let down in the profession. At times you are forced to work against your standards and morals. You are good and spirited in your efforts but your efforts do not go well. It is better to be detached and non committal. Yet, your efforts will be noted by the authorities. Financial position is excellent in the second half of the month. But you will not be able purchase the costly things you desire for reasons beyond your control, shukra is under check. You are prone to cuts and wounds during the entire month. It is better to recite ravi and shani stotra once a day during this month.

MITHUNA: Loans are available for developmental purposes. 6th to 16th of December is very good time to take advantage and approach government agencies and banks in this regard. Students are more pleasure seeking and are not keen on their studies. Yet, they are quick in learning but are not able to remember for long, extra efforts are needed. Be careful, the tools, vehicles and domestic articles break down suddenly. There is a possibility of getting hurt in fixing them. There is some element of professional dissatisfaction but there are no professional problems. Financial position in thee entire month is very excellent, your cash chest does not dry at all. The inflow after 10th December gets stuck up and you have to plan your expenditure accordingly. There is expansion of the family, new members are introduced, guest galore bringing wholesome merriment. Minor friction in marital life is seen from 6th of December, shukra is adverse. As both ravi, budha and kuja are all adverse, you are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents in the entire month, caution is required. You should recite stotras for these planets during this month.

KATAKA: The entire month of December is not good for investments. There will be issues related to children that cause deep concern and worries, particularly in first half of the month. Your relationship either with your children or with your parents and elders is very bad. Added to this, you do not seek to solve your problems. There will be good measure of help from your friends and relatives when needed. At times you are very courageous and at times you will suddenly loose heart. So, value whether any action is required depending on the situations. Financial position is good, though not excellent during second half of the month. Payment due will be not realized in time and you should not count on anticipated income in the second half of the month, budha is under check.  Journalists, students of humanities and creative artists are grounded, they do not find any illumination in gray cells which are full with retribution. Take care you are in good company which will reduce your pangs of anguish and revenge.

SIMHA: Domestic problems intimidate the whole month. Purchase of dwelling house and immovable properties will not be possible. Either there will be misunderstandings with your mother or her health will be severely affected. People abroad will not be able to return to their homeland. The month has financial affluence and also scarcity spread here and there. Financial position is excellent,  you are able to control financial situation with prudent spending. In the entire month, there is purchase of articles of comfort and luxury. Yet, small financial strains surface suddenly, due to rahu in 2nd from your rasi. Domestic friction with all the members of the family. Mysterious fear grapples you and you are not able to define the cause of your apprehensions and anxieties. You are not able to sleep well. Ensure safety when you visit zoo and keep away from canines  and animals. Loans and advances are available as and when you require. Sports persons and students do well. Students excel during the first half of the month. There are good events related to children. Many see their wards settling in life. Yet, due to clash of mentality you will find some friction with them particularly in second half. You should not impose your thoughts on them. There is purchase of costly items, vehicles and ornaments in the entire month, particularly so in the first half.  Artists and financiers have good time ahead.  You should recite any sloka or mantra for Goddess Kali or Chamundi to repress unreasonable fears.

KANYA: Good relationship with brothers, sisters and friends. At the same time, there will be sudden strains in relationship with some of them, which may take violent turn in the first half of the month. You should exercise calm and should take reconciliatory steps. Minor reservations with spouse and there will also be some skin infections on the same and neck. Students do well during entire month though they are homesick in second half. Creative artists are at their worst while mathematicians are at their best. Students in humanities, economics and fine arts perform well.  Strained relationship with children is seen in the entire month. There is purchase of properties like dwelling house, vehicles and gold is seen. There may be temporary set back from 14th of the month. You will be successful in all your ventures. Handsome profits are anticipated. Watch out, there may be some problems with government agencies, ravi is adverse in 4th and guru is retrograde. There will be pleasure pleasure trips and reunions that bring great pleasures. There are no financial problems, nothing less and nothing more, it is going to be a good month for you, generally.

TULA: Foremost concern on the month is finance - what to do when you have and when you have not. There is good amount of monetary inflow but considerably outflow! Big chunk of expenditure goes towards clearing commitments. You may also receive legal notices from bank and government agencies. The loans and advances are held up and will not be sanctioned during this month. Domestic problems are more in the entire month. Somehow you feel suffocation inside the house. Mother's health also causes concern. The period is not good for property transactions.  Students do well in sports but at the cost of lesser performance in academic subjects. There is love and hate relationship with brothers, sisters and friends. Some are good and some are bad. Some of them stand by your side to help in financial matters. Heavy work in the office and your promotion will be held up. People awaiting final court judgment are disappointed, the case gets adjourned.

VRISCHIKA: Business is dull, lethargic attitude and disappointments with children. Your prestige is at stake in the first half of the month. Health is excellent and you stand as an example to others. Financial position is excellent though there will be minor problems during second half. The amounts expected will not be realized during the second half of the month.  You are very courageous, venturesome and you enjoy excellent relationship with your friends and relatives. This is a good time to expand your business but you should be careful in financial judgments, ketu is in 5th from your rasi. Promotions are possible during this month but the posting orders will not be issued in time. You will come to know, you are promoted but nothing happens after that. You will attend public functions, marriages and will take up pilgrimages. There are religious functions at home. You will do religious and social duties. Many people born in vrischika rasi are initiated to mantras and there is upsurge of religious mentality.

DHANUS: All the planets, except shukra, are in adverse positions. Shukra is favorable for only first days in the month and thereafter he yields to vedha. This is one of your worst days. Long distance travels or transfer and subsequent separation from family members. Deep rooted professional frustrations. Domestic problems, failures in attempts to purchase properties. Mother's health causes concern. Bitter friction with relatives and friends. Students are not having will power, the main drawback. Severe financial strains except for first five days of the month, due to heavy expenditure on education of children. You tend to oversubscribe for investments policies which leaves very less amount at your disposal. During second half of the month, you tend to take more workload and suffer due to this. Your prestige may be at stake. Think before you do anything. Budha and ravi transiting in 12th and over your rasi are not good. You should heed your friends' advices. You are not subjected to severe losses but the days are not good. There will be failures in many attempts due to guru in 8th. You may receive some inheritance or arbitration awards. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra [ओं त्र्यंबकं यजामहे सुगंधिं पुष्टिवर्धनं। उर्वारुकमिव बंधनात् मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात्॥  ōṁ tryaṁbakaṁ yajāmahē sugaṁdhiṁ puṣṭivardhanaṁ| urvārukamiva baṁdhanāt mr̥tyōrmukṣīya māmr̥tāt|| ]minimum 18 times a day in the entire month.

MAKARA: Good developments in property matters. Any negotiations should be done during first five days of the month. Success in all ventures. Good support and understandings from friends and relatives. You are sure to purchase some gold, vehicles and such articles for enjoyment during first five days of the month. First half of the month is good to seek help from banks and employer. The possibility of investments in shares and bonds are remote after 6th of December. You will try to hoodwink the elders, higher officers and well wishers to gain your own ends. There is good rapport with higher officers during the first half of the month. You are not able to sleep and relax in the entire month particularly so during second half due to over activities, both kuja and ravi are bad. For eligible persons, the marriage gets postponed as exalted and retrograde guru yields to vedha.

KUMBHA: Professional problems need to be sorted out with patience. Do not change your job unless it is needed for purely financial reasons. Cut out self respect etc., Change of job is not remedy for this problem. You should not quit the job, unless and until you secure another job. Do not have false prestige that you can get any better job, anywhere in the world. Professional progress is good due to favorable budha and ravi during first half of the month. Property transactions do not go well. You will be able to secure influence of your employers during second half. You should take advantage and seek their help. One of them is for you and yet another against you. There are financial worries too. Loans are not available as promised, so you should manage with whatever funds available. Strains due to long distance journeys and physical activities are seen.  Due to adverse positions of nodes and kuja, you are prone to cuts and wounds. You should be careful while driving in city roads and near water bodies. You should recite any sloka or mantra for Goddess Kali or Chamundi to reduce the possibility and intensity of such events.

MEENA: There is no help from elders and will wishers, you are left to lurch in cold dark nights alone. There are deep wounds side your heart but spiritual healing does not enter easily. Luck seems to have run out in all matters of life, while boredom sets in. Some more baldness or silvery hair. Sudden loss of temper with spouse. It is quite unusual, you will assume centre stage and manage the show very well in the second half of the month. You will get laurels and people around your come to know an Einstein in the midst of them! This is very rare, make use of the timing to meet your higher officers. You should be careful in your dealing with persons of opposite gender in the office. Property matters do not go well. Students of higher levels get excellent results.  Good progress of children is seen in the entire month. It can not be said whether you are religious or not. You have religious and anti-religious thoughts thoughts running at the same time, it is the way of discovering your religion. As most of the planets are not good, go on leave during first half of the month, spend the time curled in bed with a good old book you half finished. Be active during second half, gyrate around your boss and be appreciated. Be happy with children, the days are excellent for intellectual hobbies.



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